Edie-Mae's provides a bespoke re-design service for all of your cherished furniture.
Chalkpainting, re-upholstering or simply original re-finishing, all done to exacting standards
Only environmentally-friendly, VOC Free, Frenchic Furniture paint, Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, Old Fashioned Milk paint and Artisan Enhancements Paint Medium are used, so that it's kind to the environment, kind to you and to the Edie-Mae's team!!

 As well as selling our own beautifully re-designed items and handcrafted products we can also teach you how to do it yourself

 Frenchic Furniture Paint

Edie-Mae's is proud to be an Authorised Stockist for Frenchic Furniture Paint.
Frenchic is an environmentally friendly chalk and mineral paint, and is EN: 71-3 certified, meaning that it’s safe to paint nursery furniture

It is ZERO VOC and SOLVENT FREE with no odour. It is thick and rich with superior coverage.

We’re not afraid to tell you what’s in Frenchic paint. In fact, its proudly displayed on each and every tin!

Don’t just take our word for it, give it go, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing!

Artisan Enhancements

Artisan Enhancements® is the creator of earth (and human) friendly, easy-to-use, innovative decorative paint mediums and sealers. Artisan Enhancements® works closely with our product development and manufacturing teams to create revolutionary sealers and paint mediums. We promote and encourage an environmentally conscious approach to the world of decorative painting and faux finishing.

Sweet Pickins 
Milk Paint 

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is a true milk paint which comes in a powder form.  Our Milk Paint is environmentally safe and non-toxic. There is a slight milky odor when it is applied, but it is completely odorless when dry.  Our milk paint is 100% VOC free and is made with all natural earth materials.

 – To make the paint, you simply mix the powder with warm water.  Each bag contains 6 oz. powder and makes one pint when mixed.  One package will cover 36 sq. ft., which is approx. 2 smaller dressers, 1 small hutch or 5-6 chairs.  How far the paint goes will depend upon your painting technique, how thick/thin you mix the paint, how many coats you do and the contrast between the color your are painting compared to the piece your are painting.

 – There is no prep work with milk paint!  You can simply clean your piece and then paint!!


Old Fashioned 
Milk Paint 

In 1974, after much experimentation, we recreated an old Milk Paint formula to provide an authentic finish for our primary business of building reproduction furniture. Since then we have sold our paint to professionals who are either restoring original Colonial or Shaker furniture, making reproductions, or striving for an interior design look that is both authentic and beautiful. Milk Paint is now gaining an even wider usage because it contains only ingredients that are all-natural and will not harm the environment. Our authentic real milk paint is truely a "green paint" that comes in 20 colors .

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